Hi, I’m Greg and I get incredibly excited about startupsmanagement and marketing.

Most recently, I was CEO & Co-Founder of Crystal, the app that tells you anyone’s personality. I’m also co-author of Predicting Personality, a book published by Wiley in November 2019 about using AI to understand people and win more business.

Prior to Crystal, I was VP Growth at Netpulse (70 employees, $40M funding) where I led sales, customer success, marketing and operations. The company was acquired by eGym.

Earlier, I was CEO and Co-founder of Attend.com (30 employees, $3M funding). At Attend.com, I hired the leadership team, coded the prototype and closed the first $100K in sales. The company was acquired by EventFarm.

Earlier in my career, I was COO of a startup marketing agency in Boston, influencers@. There, I led operations, which included hiring a team of 15, managing the company’s financials and building custom internal reporting software.

I’ve also published two e-books: Getting Organized, a manual for growing a student organization at a university, and Startups <3 Customers, a guide to sales and marketing for startups.

I’d love to chat – click here to send me an email.