Getting Organized… in 2 weeks


One of my most treasured experiences as an undergrad was building and scaling the Northeastern Entrepreneurs Club. It became a success story and enabled many students to pursue their passions and grow as entrepreneurs.

To reflect and share how our team built and grew the club, I decided to write it all down. With 30,000 words later, I wrote a book, titled Getting Organized.

The book is a manual for how to start and grow any student-led group on a college campus, and it uses the Entrepreneurs Club as an example. Throughout Getting Organized, I share stories about members and leaders, while providing step-by-step instructions on how to handle everything from marketing to fund-raising.

My hope is that it helps other student leaders create world-class organizations on their campuses.

Getting Organized will release in 2 weeks on March 10th. It’ll be available as a FREE e-book download. 

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