The End of an Era – 7 Years of Armonk Web

Armonk Web & Computer Solutions was my first company – co-founded as freshmen at Byram Hills High School in 2004 with Jeremy Blum and Zach Lynn. The company started out providing PC support services, and later moved into deeper small business IT consulting and ultimately website development. To date, the firm has created 80+ websites for small businesses across the country. In 2008, I moved the company to Boston, MA so I could continue web development while attending Northeastern University. By operating Armonk Web, I learned a ton of lessons as a young entrepreneur:

  • The customer is king – ultimate goal is to please the customer
  • Web design is a great business to be in – everyone needs it – opens doors
  • Develop skills that not everyone has – technical skills are highly valuable
  • Learn how to speak the language – technical acronyms are everywhere

Overall, Armonk Web has been a fantastic experience for me to learn how a business works and the basics of entrepreneurship. It served me well and I enjoyed working with all of my wonderful clients. As of today, I have left Armonk Web to focus on some even more exciting opportunities on the horizon (more details coming soon!)

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