The Little Details

How fast do you think I can bike from my house to the influencers@ office? Turns out it’s 8 minutes and 51 seconds. I started the timer while standing in front of the house and stopped it when arriving in front of the office. However, that time doesn’t tell the whole story.

Sure, it did take me 8:51 to go from door to door, but is that the time that I care about? Probably not, because we need to take into account turning off the lights, picking up my bike, putting on my helmet, locking the door and going down the stairs.

These are the “little details” that we often overlook, yet they play a key role in making decisions. If I based when to leave on 8:51, I’d be late every day. If I was getting paid for my time and I overlooked those details, I’d lose money. When it comes to business operations, it is critical that we look at the details and account for them in our cost and time projections. In a real business, the small intricacies compound and have a magnified effect.

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