There is No Substitute for Great Design

I have an immense respect for great design, and every entrepreneur and business leader needs to agree. When I think about design, I consider not necessarily what something looks like, but about the feelings that it can create. Making a logo or banner beautiful is one thing, but creating it so it arouses a feeling from the people who see it is so much more powerful. 

As a manager, I am all about cutting costs and increasing efficiency. But design is a department that I know brings a massive ROI. Having a corporate identity and marketing material that is stunning and captures the feelings of my customers/users/members is worth every bit of time and capital. Take note, CFOs!

I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few designers over the years, and one that I am proud to recognize is Wells Riley, creative director at Bionic Hippo. While still a student at Northeastern, Wells created a full service design shop and continues to produce master piece after master piece for all of his clients. Finding designers like Wells isn’t always easy, but it is an absolute necessity for business success. 

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